December 5, 2008

Chick Lit

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friday 5 december

Have just started reading Bridget Jones’ Diary, thanks to suggestion (and loaning of book) by sister-in-law Liz.  Can no longer think or write in complete sentences. Adding that extra first person pronoun wastes far too much time.

Am depressed that Bridget, who is supposed to be charmingly plump, only weighs 131 at her highest point.  Can’t remember ever weighing 130 lbs in entire life.  I think I was born weighing 150.  Poor mum. (Adoption of British terminology to match imitation of Jones’ writing style).  Am even more depressed that Renee Zellweger had to gain something like 30 pounds in order to play Bridget Jones at her scale-topping weight of 130 lbs.

Am glad I am LDS and can therefore not have to worry about additional vices of cigarette and alcohol consumption in addition to calorie consumption. 

Laugh that sister-in-law gave me book with swear words in it.  But come on, don’t they sound a lot less offensive when it’s British people saying it?  Like how “bloody” to them is really offensive and to us it just sounds charmingly British? (sorry, any British readers I may have collected)  Which reminds me of the time I happened upon an Irish blog in which the f-word was used profusely, but they actually spelled it every time “-ook”, or “-ooking”, which made me laugh a lot, and also think about the arbitrary nature of swear words.

Think to self, must really finish silly chick lit book and get around to reading serious literary stuff for Book Club.  If I can remember what it is I’m supposed to read.  Because I never write things down.  And then I have to ask my neighbor what the name of the book was.  Think it was french. Or was that the book they suggested reading, but didn’t officially assign?  Can’t remember.  Oh well.

In other news: Christmas shopping 85% accomlished.  So far, so good.  Now I need to clean my house for when my mother-in-law babysits tonight.  Difficult task as 1-yr-old is running from room to room systematically emptying every single cupboard, drawer, and bookshelf within his reach.  Christmas tree ornaments have been migrating higher and higher every day.  Actually not that bad, since I threw out all the ugly old plastic ornaments and now have just enough nice new ornaments that I bought on clearance last year to decorate upper half of Christmas tree most abundantly.  Would look awfully sparse if we had to decorate the whole tree, though.

Must go rescue my can opener now.  Ta!



  1. liz said,

    This is such a funny post! I have to say, for the record, that I did warn you that that book was PG-13/possibly R-rated. I actually just got rid of a couple of books that I thought were too crass to recommend to anyone — it gets way worse than Bridget Jones. I think the idea that BJ thinks she’s plump at 130 is supposed to be ironic. That, or she’s using Hollywood standards — are they as shallow in London as they are in California? Sorry about encouraging time-wasting reading. Actually, I’m not. Wasting time is highly under-rated, in my opinion.

  2. Shannon Brewer said,


  3. Robin said,

    Message Liz:
    Don’t worry, am not offended by book, but am much amused. Wasting time most efficiently now, thank you!


  4. Robin said,

    One interesting thing to note: both Hugh Grant and Colin Firth are specifically mentioned by name in this book (in non-related contexts). I wonder if that’s just an amazing coincidence, or if the author already knew who would be appearing in the film version of her book (it does say under the bio that she was already working on the screenplay). If not, then, whoa, wouldn’t that be cool as an author to get the actors you imagined playing the characters in your book to actually do it? Hmm.

  5. Sheralyn said,

    Have friends that are trying to get me to join online club for avid readers. is what they call it.

    Am unsure if you have heard of it, but was thinking it might be a site you would enjoy.

    Have yet to decide if there is any point in me joining it.

    Cheers… and may the force be with you in overcoming your post-partum uglies 😉

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