April 13, 2009

Getting Back to Real Life

Posted in Days of my life, Family life, Parenting at 9:42 AM by Robin

Hey, how did you spend Spring Break?

Did you take the kids on vacation somewhere fun?  Or did you spend it cleaning up ten episodes of baby vomit? Or maybe you spent it lying on the sofa for 24 hours straight, fighting against the Evil Martian Death Flu, while certain of your kids were completely destroying the house and your other kid was moping around on the other sofa, yelling curses at the other kid for being the first one to get sick and bring the flu from Hell upon you all?  Did you feel incredibly guilty for being unable due to your incapacitation to help the Easter Bunny make his scheduled early Saturday appointment for your house, which has allowed your family to separate the spiritual and secular facets of Easter for the past two or three years, and had to do last minute shopping on Saturday night in order to not completely disappoint the kiddies? 

 Did you also feel incredibly guilty for promising your two girls new Easter dresses, but were unable to go shopping for them until late Saturday evening due to the fact that you were dealing with one vomiting child after another for the past week, and then finding that of the limited selection of dresses left in stock, only the really ugly dresses have sleeves on them anymore? Did your guilt continue because you bought the sleeveless dresses anyway because they were so cute, but you didn’t have enough money left to buy any of those little white sweaters, so when the girls wore their sleeveless dresses to church the next day, you wondered how many people were judging you for raising your children to be immodest and what a terrible example of a wife of a counselor in the bishopric you are? 

Did you spend Easter Sunday at home with just your family and only had a token pan of Cheesy Potatoes and ham for your Easter feast because you just didn’t have it in you to cook a big dinner or go visit anybody else? Did you finish off your whole unforgettable Spring Break experience by watching the classic movie “The Money Pit” and wondering why Shelley Long was being such a b$@%# to Tom Hanks when he actually got mad (gasp!) at the fact that she cheated on him (or thought she did)?  Did you then wonder if you were allowed to like Tom Hanks movies anymore since he has recently professed anti-Mormon sentiments?  Did you go to bed praying that you would not have to deal with more rain and possible snow storms for the next week?

You didn’t?  Huh.  Well, just wondering!