June 5, 2009

Hey Everybody! FREE CHOCOLATE!!!

Posted in Days of my life at 3:22 PM by Robin

My favorite OTC candy (that is, candy that you can buy at the grocery store and don’t have to go to a specialty gourmet store for) is Dove chocolate.  Mmmmm, that’s good stuff. Dark or Milk chocolate, sometimes it’s the only thing that will satisfy me when I need a real chocolate fix.  Imagine my joy and surprise when I found out today that Mars Co., the makers of Dove, is giving out coupons for FREE CHOCOLATE! They are using this campaign to promote the fact that they, unlike Hershey’s and several other chocolate manufacturers, refuse to compromise on their ingredients despite the recession, and continue to offer products made only with with real cocoa butter.  Some of you might remember how I blogged about this particular outrage several months ago.  Anyway, I would like to commend Mars on the quality of their products and thank them for becoming enablers in helping to “feed” my habit!

For those of you interested, read this for the press release, or click here to register for a coupon for free a full-size sample of real chocolate. Yummy!  mars-real-chocolate-relief



  1. kira said,

    mmm. mmm.

  2. I just got my coupon in the mail. My kids were impressed!

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