April 9, 2011

Bye Bye WordPress!

Posted in Just thinking... at 6:24 PM by Robin

Sorry, WordPress.

It’s not you, it’s me. I’ve changed. I need more.

I was trying to figure out how to break out of the rut we’ve been in for the past few months. I know we’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship, and took a full break for a year or two, but this time, I think this is it.

I’m ready to move on now. I hate to admit it–I know this might hurt–but I’ve decided to start working with your competitor, Blogger. We’ve flirted a little behind your back, and I was always so jealous of how Blogger was treating all my friends, how they were looking so good together, and I finally decided just to take the leap.

Good luck, WordPress. You’ve got a lot going for you. But we’re just not good together anymore.



PS: If any of my four or five faithful followers wishes to check out the new look or keep on following me, you can find the new and improved Robin’s Song at robinbl.blogspot.com. Please change your bookmarks accordingly!



  1. Pmom said,

    The link doesn’t work.

  2. Robin said,

    Sorry! All better now!

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