October 14, 2007

Sweet Baby James

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Just a quickie to announce our baby!  James Andrew Lambert has officially joined our family!  Born on October 11th right before 9:00 PM, he was a biggie, weighing in at 8 lbs 14 oz and measuring 21.5 inches.  For some cute pictures and video, check out my DH Andrew’s blog.  I’ll write more details later, when I can sit down for more than five minutes at a time!


October 10, 2007

The (truly) Final Countdown

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Well, this is it.  The final full day of my pregnancy.  One way or another, I will have a baby by tomorrow.  It’s kind of a strange thought, because this will also most likely be my final pregnancy.  This is my last full day of playing host to another human being within my own body.  Boy, even after four pregnancies, it is still strange to think that is how we all began.  I’ll admit, I’m not too sentimental about it.  Pregnancy is a lot of work, and quite uncomfortable in one way or another throughout the whole thing, and I feel like I’ve had the experience enough times now.  I’m good.  Of course, if the Lord has other plans in mind, we’ll have to adapt to that, but as long as that birth control works, after tomorrow, my child-bearing time of life will be over.  To everything there is a season, I guess.  (Speaking of seasons, here’s a pretty picture of Timpanogos in the fall–we just took a drive up the Alpine Loop after conference on Sunday to enjoy the fall colors and see if driving on bumpy dirt roads brings on labor–it doesn’t.)


Tomorrow is the first time I will have gone in for a scheduled “induction”.  My labor has always (eventually) started on its own, with my water breaking on its own, so I am a little nervous to see how this plays out.  All the websites tell me that there are no nerves in your amniotic sac, so it doesn’t hurt.  We just hope that it is effective in bringing on contractions and that it doesn’t take all day to have this baby.  One thing I’m a bit annoyed about is that the hospital tells you not to eat before coming in.  I realize that this is because of the risk of aspiration if you have to have an emergency c-section and are put under general anaesthesia.  However, I also think that the energy and strength provided by eating something before having to put your body through the marathon of labor are not to be downplayed.  Hospitals are all about preventing risks, which is understandable, but if I don’t end up having a c-section, then there is no problem with eating, especially if it’s a long labor.  I’ve done a little research this morning, and most of the things I’ve read say that this tradition is based on outdated information and medical practice, and that withholding food might actually make for a longer and more difficult labor, so I think I might go ahead and have a little breakfast tomorrow on the sly.

Anyway, this is it!  I don’t think I’ll be back online for a few days, so thanks in advance to all those who are helping us out with babysitting, dinners, and moral support!  We love you all!

October 8, 2007

Rambling thoughts from beyond the due date

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First of all, I just want to apologize for sounding a little too sensitive last week.  Now everyone is afraid of asking me anything about the baby!  I guess the annoying part of that comes from people who ask how you’re doing but don’t really expect anything more than a five-second reply, or some sort of joke about waiting, or something.  I just don’t have the energy to be on-the-spot witty right now.  I do really appreciate the love,  concern, thoughts and prayers of all our family and friends, and I hope you don’t feel like I’m going to snap at you if you want to call and really see how I’m doing.

So, anyway, the true end is actually in sight.  One way or another, we will have a baby by Thursday.  I had my final doctor’s appointment today (you can’t make me go back there!  At least, not for another six weeks) and we scheduled an “induction” for Thursday morning.  It’s not a regular induction, since he won’t use pitocin.  He’s just going to break my water as a last-ditch attempt to bring on labor before we resort to a c-section.  If I were really patient, he would have let me wait one more week before insisting on a c-section, but I’ve just had enough.  I need to get this over with!

The hardest part of waiting right now is finding the line between being prepared and being over-prepared.  For instance, just how clean does my house need to be when I bring the baby home?  I thoroughly clean a room, from scrubbing the walls to spot-treating the carpet, and think how nice it would be to come home from the hospital to the house in that great of a condition.  Unfortunately, there has not yet been a trip to the hospital,  and the house deteriorates to a state of chaos in relatively short time.  I wonder how many times I will clean the house before I actually have the excuse of recovering from childbirth to get me out of my chores.  Also, things like grocery shopping.  I stocked up on frozen and easy-to-prepare foods last week that Andrew would be able to prepare while I was out of commission.  However, I have remained in commission, but because I didn’t buy anything else, now all that stuff is used up and I have to get some more.  And I start wondering how much I actually ought to buy, since I know that the Relief Society will be providing us with a few meals as well.  It’s like planning for a trip out of town, but you have no idea when you will be leaving.  I can’t even really pack a bag because I’m down to like two shirts and one pair of pants that I can still fit!

Then one of my biggest dilemmas is–get this–should I try to get my hair cut before I have the baby?  My layers have grown out to a really unnattractive length, but they are just getting long enough to pull back into a ponytail.  So I wonder, should I get my hair cut before I have the baby, considering that it might be a really long time after the baby comes before I could feel up to and have time for a trip to Great Clips, or should I just forget about it and wear a ponytail for the next month, since it’s not like I’m going to be leaving the house all that often anyway?  It’s a case of vanity vs. laziness. 

Vanity at this stage of pregnancy is an interesting thing.  I actually find myself doing my hair and makeup almost every day now with the thought at the back of my mind that I might go into labor and then Andrew would be taking pictures and I don’t want to look as bad as I do in those other postpartum pics we’ve got!  Which makes me feel kind of shallow, until I remember a lady I saw on that tanning salon show (I just caught a few minutes of it while channel surfing) who was nine months pregnant, and came in to get a spray-on tan so that she would look sexy while she was in childbirth (the funny thing was that she was Polynesian looking and already quite dark brown).  So then I don’t feel quite so bad about putting on makeup.

And you know the number one reason I need to have this baby–so I can have some other subject to blog about, of course!  The whole pregnancy topic is so overdone, don’t you think?

October 5, 2007

The most annoying thing you can do

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 annoyed.jpgSo two days past the due date, and no baby.  So much for my hunch about coming early this time.  It was really just hopeful thinking.  I think that there might be something to the idea that your gestation period is influenced by the normal length of your menstruation cycle.  The average woman’s cycle is 28 days, but before I got married, mine was always a little on the longer side, more like 30-31 days. So, maybe my body just calculates months a little bit differently and its hormonal timing is just a little bit slow.  Whatever the case, there ain’t a @#$%* thing I can do about it.  Which leads me to the subject of the title.

I think that most mothers would agree that the final week of pregnancy has got to be the absolutely most uncertain, agonizing, frustrating time of one’s life.  Not just for the pregnant woman, but also for her husband, her children, and all her family and friends that love her.  Everyone is in agreement–we want that baby here!  Nobody is disputing that point.  That being said, the absolutely most annoying thing on earth that you can do to an expectant woman (and her husband) at this time is to try to jump the gun.  Right now, we can’t answer or make a phone call , go to church, go to work, walk down the street, or whatever, without someone asking, “So have you had that baby yet?”  In the case of the phone call, it is extremely annoying to have someone ask that before they even say “Hello” and if you meet someone in person, it is a case of stating the extremely obvious.  I think it is for this reason alone that women used to go into “confinement” shortly before giving birth–just so that they could finish their gestation in peace without all these eager well-wishers putting the pressure on.  And yes, it is pressure.  Pressure to perform a task over which you have no control.

So people, in a nutshell, thank you for your concern, but please–just treat us normally in your interactions with us over the next few days.  We promise, we will let you know when the baby gets here.  Andrew is very good about communicating this sort of news as quickly as possible.  But until that time comes, let us be the ones to bring up the subject.  And for the record, in answer to the question on everyone’s lips, thank you, I am doing just fine.

September 28, 2007

Drum roll, please….No, no, keep going…

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circus.gif  Andrew is taking the kids to the circus today, along with his brother Matt and their three boys.  I am not joining them, for a couple of reasons.  Mainly because we are cheapskates and Andrew got the absolutely cheapest seats available, up in the rafters, and I didn’t think I could stand sitting up there for two hours in my condition.  Also, to make the cheap seats even cheaper, we used a Happenings coupon for buy one admission get one free, but you can only get up to eight admissions, which would have been too many to get extra extra cheap.

So, it became a “triple-date with Daddy” and I get some time off to myself.  Which is a little bit sad, because I actually really enjoy the circus.  When it’s a good circus.  Usually Ringling Bros. puts on a pretty good show (not that they’ll be able to see it very well from the rafters).  I mainly am interested in the acrobats, trapeze artists, etc.  I’m not too into the dancing elephants and horses, or even the guy in the tiger cage (I’ve got a cat at home–that’s close enough).  What I really like are the acts that you can barely stand to watch–the ones where you find yourself holding your breath because common sense tells you that what they are doing is physically impossible and certain to result in disaster.   trapeze1.jpgOnly your past experience with this sort of performance and your trust that the performers really do know what they are doing provides a certain amount of assurance that everything will be okay.  Still, you remember the stories of accidents and tragedies that really have happened at things like this, and only when the act is over and the performers safely back on the ground, bowing to the applause of the crowd, do you finally unclench your teeth and breathe a sigh of relief.

I can’t help but see a parallel between these death-defying acts and my current situation awaiting childbirth.  Right now, we are just beginning the drum roll.  However, we have no idea when the act is going to be over and we can get to the part with the fanfare and applause.  Have you ever seen an act where they start the drum roll, and everybody gets all tense and excited, and then there’s some sort of techinical glitch, and you’re sitting there waiting and waiting for something exciting to happen, but nothing’s really going on except that darn drum roll?  It’s amazing how anticipation, if drawn out for too long, turns into irritation.  (Let’s just say I’ve been a little snappy lately.)

Eventually, when the big performance really does get underway, we’ll all be holding our breath, eager but afraid, until we get to the big finish.  We trust in the doctors, in our past experience, and in the Lord, but in the end, nothing is safe until we land with our feet firmly on the ground and say, “Ta-Duh!”

September 25, 2007

Ups and Downs

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There are some things about pregnancy that just don’t make any sense.  Like this whole energy thing.  Why is that yesterday I could barely manage to drag myself to Walmart to buy Lily some long pants (temperatures in the fifties and sixties this week and the girl has about fifty pairs of shorts and only one pair of jeans that have holes in the knees), and had to call it quits shortly thereafter, before actually going to the grocery store as I had originally planned (after not even buying her any pants because none of them fit her well), but today I can go to Target to buy (successfully this time) said pants, then go to Harmons for groceries, and then come home and make lunch and clean the entire house from top to bottom and still be thinking, “Gosh, what a nice day!  I wish my big kids weren’t coming home soon so that I could go for a walk.” ?  And boy, was that a really, really long sentence, or what?

I mean, really, how does that work, physiologically?  I don’t believe I ate any differently, I slept about the same–how is that one day I can barely get myself to stand up, and the next I am practically bouncing off the walls?  Where does it come from?  But more importantly–where does it go?

Anyway, I don’t know how much of a play-by-play on labor-awaiting y’all might be interested in, but let it be known that, after a brisk walk and other labor-induction-attempting-methods, I actually was having some pretty strong and regular contractions (about eight minutes apart) last night for 2-3 hours.  Obviously not strong enough to confuse with real labor (a benefit of experience, that–knowing the difference), but much more progress than I’ve ever had this early before.  So, hopefully, my hunch that this baby isn’t going to make me wait as long as my other kids did will prove to be correct.  It would be really nice to have this baby in September.  There are far too many Lambert birthdays in October to remember as it is!  So, keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!

September 24, 2007

10, 9, 8, 7, 6…

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So believe it or not, I am now ten days away from my due date.  The depressing thing about keeping track of my remaining time at this point is that there is no real way to know how many days I really have left.  Wouldn’t that just make things so much easier, if we had an actual firm date we could look forward to for giving birth?  I can definitely understand the appeal of scheduling a c-section or induction for that benefit alone.  Unfortunately, I can’t be induced, and I really don’t want to have to deal with recovering from c-section (labor is bad, but at least it’s only one day of trauma, vs. 2 weeks or more of pain and suffering).  Therefore, we are stuck waiting and wondering.  All we can say is that it will be no more than 17 days from now.  Which sounds a lot longer than ten days.

You know, it really amazes me, the broad range of women’s experiences with childbirth, and how it influences their attitudes about it.  The number one conversation I seem to have with people lately is about their own birth stories.  Some labors are quick and painless, some are quick and painful, and some are just painful.  Some people are begging their doctor to induce them ten days before they are due, and others want to go completely au naturel, without drugs or medical intervention.  In the end, I’ve come to realize that each woman is unique and that there is no right or wrong way to have a baby.  I might not agree with the choices someone else makes about how to deliver, but that doesn’t make their choice “wrong”, just different. Of course, if I could choose the quick and painless option, I’d be the first on the list.

Anyway, we’re obviously getting pretty impatient around here.  I feel a lot like Lily, who must be getting tired of hearing that the baby is coming “soon”.  The other day, she just grabbed me by the tummy and cried, “Baby!  When are you coming out?!!”  On the other hand, we still haven’t solidly decided on the baby’s name.  He’s got a first name, but we just can’t agree on a middle name.  We’re considering a few, but nothing sounds just perfect.  Maybe we’ll have to see him first.  In any case, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight!

September 18, 2007

It’s all in the name

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Warning: If you are offended by breast-related humor, this is not the post for you.

So now that I’ve pretty much got all my baby gear in stock, I’ve started thinking about the whole breastfeeding issue.  I’ve started getting free baby magazines in the mail (not that I read them anymore), but I flipped through one and happened upon an ad for nursing covers.   I wouldn’t have bothered with it, if it weren’t for the name–“Hooter Hiders.”  I’m sorry, call me crude, but that made me laugh.  So, of course, I had to look up the website.  Now, cute as the name might be, I don’t think I’m ready to pay $35 for a blanket with a neck strap, even if it is in a “chic” fabric, to cover me up when a $5 baby blanket works just as well.  But my curiosity was aroused, so I decided to look up funny names for breastfeeding products.  A couple of other great-named products are “Peek A Boo B” covers and “Breakout Bras” (that sounds dangerous). I actually didn’t find as many funny product names as I thought I would, but there are some great website names out there, among them: mamaknowsbreast.com and expressyourselfmums.com.  (If you know of any others, I’d love to hear them.)

I know, I know, I’m a sucker for a terrible, breast-related pun.  I remember quite vividly having my mom take me bra-shopping as a teenager (I was an older teenager, and for some reason, I don’t think I was too overly mortified on this particular trip), and just launching into this pun contest.  It was one of those laugh-so-hard-you-cry-and-almost-wet-your-pants type of things.  But it was a real bonding moment, I think.

So, do I have a hard time taking breasts seriously?  I guess so.  At least my own.  I personally think they’re rather funny looking things and I really can’t understand the attraction guys have to them.  I also have a hard time just calling them “breasts,” unless I’m talking to the doctor, anyway.  I’m sorry, but this is bad, but I’ve always just called them boobs.  So, when I’m talking to Lily about how the baby will be fed, that’s what I call them.  I know I should be scientifically accurate and respectful and call them by their rightful names, but that just seems kind of forced and unnatural for me.  I don’t find the term offensive, unlike some other terms out there, and so that’s just the word that I use.  Which leads me to an amusing anecdote.

Lily and I were driving around the other day when we went past a subdivision that we had visted together for the Parade of Homes a few weeks ago.  Since Andrew and I like going to this every year, but can’t always get a babysitter, Lily got dragged along with us.  Like everyone else, she got used to putting on the white paper booties they make you wear to protect the floor in the nicer homes.  Well, Lily recognized where we were and got excited.  She wanted to go inside and see the nice houses again.  I told her we couldn’t go inside them anymore because the Parade of Homes was over and now they were just regular homes.  Apparently, she still couldn’t understand why she couldn’t just walk into these houses anymore and kept saying over and over again, “But Mommy!  They have boobies at the Parade of Homes!  I can have boobies!” 

It took me a few minutes to get what she was talking about.  “What do you mean, boobies?” I asked, afraid that because of my bad mothering, she was saying something inappropriate. 

“You know, the white boobies you put on your feet!” she answered.  Ohhhhh! 

Anyway, boobs are a part of life.  If you’re a woman, you got ’em.  You’ve got to deal with them.  You might as well have a little fun at their expense from time to time. 

September 13, 2007

Going somewhere, just not real fast

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 woman-looking-at-calendar.jpg  So, yesterday I had my 37-week appointment. Although the doctor thought it was my 36- week appointment.  I’m not sure how, but somehow they got my week calculations off by a week.  I’ve mentioned it several times, but I guess the nurses just figured I was a little antsy and wishing I was further along then I actually was.  But getting this close to the due date, it’s getting pretty obvious that counting backward from October 3rd is only three weeks, not four.  So, when I mentioned that to the doctor instead of the nurse this time, he actually checked the chart and my due date and reconciled the two, saying something about how they had changed the due date after my ultrasound, which I don’t remember them doing, but hey, whatever.

Of course, Andrew and I wondered if maybe I shouldn’t have kept mum about being a  week ahead of where they thought I was because of the whole VBAC issue.  (For those of you who have somehow missed this whole discussion during every single one of my last three pregnancies–although my doctor admits he would be much more comfortable with doing a repeat c-section, he will let me do a “trial of labor”, unless I happen to be late.  He will not induce a VBAC, so if I go over the due date, I will have to have another c-section.  Since every single one of my kids has been late, we’re counting on this one following the same pattern).  So, we wondered if maybe we shouldn’t have enlightened them about the real week I was on so as to give ourselves an extra week to go into labor!  But, to tell the truth, I think that if I go more than a week over this time, I would be just as happy to have a c-section and get the waiting over with.  My, how time changes your view on things.

In addition to this correction, I got my first cervical “reading,” and am so excited to say that I am dilated to 1 1/2, with 60% effacement, which means…..I’m going to have a baby in the next month or so. I’m pretty sure those are the exact same numbers I’ve had at every single one of my last-month check-ups for every baby.  Nothing to get too excited about, yet.

I have also reached that strange stage when the finish line is in sight, but I am actually re-evaluating my eagerness to cross it.  I maintain (as I have mentioned to some of you before) that the reason God made women be pregnant for so long is that by the time we finish those forty weeks of gestation, we are willing to go through anything to get that baby out.  I think God has made my babies take a little extra time because he knew I might need a little extra motivation.  That is certainly the case now.  I certainly want this pregnancy to end, but I just as certainly am not looking forward to the only way there is to end it.  But, I have to admit, I went back and watched Brianna’s birth video a few days ago, and it was much more encouraging than Lily’s birth video.  Four hours start to finish, even though it was 99% drug free, seemed like a breeze, compared to the other two.  I’m still trying to gear myself up to being several days late and then having an 18 hour labor.  Hopefully, that won’t be the case, but at least I’ll be mentally prepared for the worst.  Right now, all I’m really praying for is that I can at least get a full night’s sleep before I go into labor.  For both Lily and Parley, my contractions started around 11:00 PM, and I wasn’t really able to sleep all night before going in to the hospital around 6:00 AM.  I think getting a good night’s sleep and the energy it provides would make a big difference, even if I do have another long labor.  So, keep us in your prayers.  We’re going to need all the help we can get.

September 11, 2007

Top Ten Things I Look Forward To When I’m No Longer Pregnant

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10.  Being able to hug people the normal way–not from the side or “over-the-top”.

9.   Seeing my knees again (I know the usual answer is toes, but I can actually see my toes if I move my leg over.  Of course, if I can see my knees, then I can see my thighs and maybe my hips, which have been conveniently hidden for the past several months–not necessarily a bad thing right now).

8.  Having enough room for my kids to sit on my lap again.

7.  Read my lips: NO MORE TUMS

6.  Rolling over in bed without feeling like I need the help of a forklift.

5.  Finally getting rid of all those bags of outgrown girl clothes that I’ve been hanging onto just in case the ultrasound was wrong.

4.  Not gonna miss the “waddle,” that’s for sure.

3.  Not having every conversation start with either “How are you feeling?” or “So how much longer do you have left?” 

2.  Seeing the numbers on the scale go down, not up (even staying the same from one week to the next would be an improvement).

1.  Oh yeah–having a new baby!

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